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Раздел 4.3


4.3.1. Прочитайте данный текст. Определите его основную идею.


One of the provincial magazines recently printed an interesting article about different types of picnic. Picnics are one of those purely English inventions which have conquered the world, a fact that the author is not shy in pointing out right at the beginning of the article. There is, in truth, much that is very English at the heart of a picnic: fresh open air, a rural setting, dif­ficult conditions, economy, simple but filling food, all of this is close to the English soul. The main point about it is the combination of the necessary (food) and the pleasant (a walk), making it something of a rarity in English cuisine. The article contains the recollections ofvarious people (for the most part country dwellers with titles) about their childhood when picnics always included beautiful scenery, a rough woolen blanket, simple sandwiches with cheese and ham. Many of them agreed that these were some of the happiest and brightest memories of food from their childhood, although that may be because they were surrounded by their now deceased parents and grandpar­ents, and at the time the heroes were young and fresh.

But as we know, England does not just live in the past; it also brings the past into the present, although in a slightly different form. The same people talked about modern picnics which, it appears, exist in all sorts of forms. On the one hand there are simple picnics, organized the old-fashioned way, sim­ple but with good taste. The traditional sandwiches are now always accom­panied by fresh fruit and berries, greens and vegetables. But there are appar­ently other types of picnic today, more complicated and more expensive, all the way up to high society occasions. At such events there are the obligatory champagne, expensive delicacies such as fore grasp, exclusive cheeses, and caviar with blennies. Moreover you can either order the products separately or order the picnic ready-made (the menu and price-list are startling and impressive). Nevertheless, most people agree that the simple, old-style pic­nics are much more interesting and pleasant than the expensive, luxury ones.

One of those whose thoughts on this good old tradition are quoted in the article is the Earl of Sandwich, the descendent of the man who thought up sandwiches, which are another example of the English contribution to the international treasure chest.


4.3.2. Письменно переведите данный текст, используя словарь.


4.3.3. Выберите заголовок, наиболее соответствующий содержанию текста:


1. English Picnic.

2. English Traditions

3. Types Of Picnic In England

4. Old-Style Pic­nic


4.3.4 Ролевая игра


Ситуация. Группа студентов из России и студенты, приехавшие изучать русский язык из Великобритании, договорились отметить последний день занятий на природе. Они обсуждают, как проходят пикники в России и в Великобритании.

Участники -русские и английские студенты.

Студенты из России обсуждают, что необходимо купить для пикника: шашлык из баранины,, чтобы пожарить на костре, овощи (помидоры, лук, сладкий перец, баклажаны, зелени побольше, специи и соусы), фрукты (яблоки, апельсины, бананы, груши, виноград, киви). В меню также вошли сухие вина, напитки, соки, кондитерские изделия.

Гости из Англии решили купить бутербродов в ресторане Макдоналдс. Обсуждают виды бутербродов и напитков. Русские друзья отговаривают их делать это. Решают купить хлеба, картошки, сосисок и колбасок с сыром, чтобы поджарить на костре.

Студенты договариваются, кто возьмёт магнитофон, фотоаппарат, мячи и ракетки для бадминтона.




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