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The characters:


1. Author - Yana

2. Cinderella - Sasha

3. Stepmother - Polina S.

4. Step sister 1 - Lena O.

5. Step sister 2 - Lina

6. Blonde girlfriend 1 - Polina N.

7. Blonde girlfriend 2 - Ksusha

8. Sports girlfriend 1 - Dasha

9. Sports girlfriend 2 - Nastya

10. Seller 1 - Karina

11. Seller 2 - Katya

12. Seller 3 - Violet



The 1st scene: дом Золушки и её семьи: парта, стул, ведро и тряпка, везде разбросаны вещи, туфли, сумки, косметика


Narrator:Hello, dear jury and dear audience. We’re group 103 and we’re going to launch our advertising campaign for our shop – “21st century Cinderella”!

*Золушка выходит, садится к ведру и поёт*


Author:Despite the fact that it’s 2015, there are many Cinderellas in the world. Here’s one of them. Cinderella lives in a big spacious flat with her step-mother and two step-sisters who, of course, hate her like poison/hate her guts.


*Вбегают сёстры, потом мачеха*


Step sister 1: Oh! Look! A fantabulous party in a club is being thrown today!

Step sister 2: OMG! It’ll be really awesome!

Stepmother: why is it so noisy here? What is going on, my sweeties?) (посмотрела на листовки, афиши или еще что-ниб по поводу вечерины) I see, the party is taking place today! You both can't go there without your lovely mother, or can you? I’m going to chaperone you!

Step sister 2: Oh noooooooooo!

Step sister 1: mummy, you can’t go with us! It’s just out of the question!!!

Step sister 2: you’re too old for clubbing and you are sooooo old-fashioned!


Stepmother: Your mother, sweeties, will never be old for clubbing. Stop talking and search for our smart dresses!

Step sister 1: I’d like to wear my denim bell-bottoms, your(S2’s) cool & fab polka-dot T-shirt and pink high-heeled shoes of course. Wait a minute! Why are my lovely pants so dirty!?

Step sister 2: Well, well, well… And I am going to wear this brill wool skirt, your (S1’s) badass (AmE) flowery blouse and my bomb spotted[S1] sandals! What’s the hell with this blouse, it’s so crumpled!

Stepmother: shush, girls, Cinderella will be so kind to do the washing and prepare our fashionable dresses (язвительно) for the party, am I right!



Cinderella: I hear there’s a party today! I want to go with you too! May I go? Pleaaaseeee…

Step sisters:

Your clothes are getting on my wick; your fashion level is rather weak

Your look is a chaos; and I say it to you without any sarcasm

You're such a weirdo; your style is crippled

You look like a goth; and pong of (smell, reek of) broth

We are super models; our gait is awesome


*мачеха и сёстры исчезают, Золушка садится у окна*


Cinderella: (пропевая) How pretty would I look in a fashionable designer full-length or mini dress. I only have old-fashioned shabby clothes… I wish I could go to the party…


Author:According to the plot of the fairytale, now Cinderella must be visited by her godmother who turned out to be a fairy. But we’re living in the 21st century, so there are no fairies for us. Do you think the fairytale’s gone bad? No way! It was Cinderella’s friends who came to see her.


*включается музыка «Barbie girl» и на розовой машине к окну Золушки подъезжают подруги-блондинки*


Blonde girlfriend 1:Hi! Honey, why are you so sad? We’re going to a shopping centre to do some shopping there as we are in a shopping mood!


Blonde girlfriend 2:We will help you to choose the most fashionable dress for the upcoming party. Come on! Get in the car!


*Золушка садится в машину и под ту же самую музыку они едут, паркуются*


*пока они едут, комната переделывается в магазин*


The 2st scene: на сцене три стула, на 1 - платья, на втором - туфли, на третьем - сумки. Типa отделы. На каждом стуле как-нибудь надо прикрепить название


Author:Of course, two simple mortal friends are not a fair substitution for a fairy-godmother, but fortunately two more Cinderella’s friends pulled up.


*на старых Жигулях под рэп въезжают спортивные подруги и паркуются рядом*


Sports girlfriend 1:...the suit I want to show you is just perfect! You are sure to like it and I believe it will fit you like a glove!.. Hi girls! What's going on here? And why are you dressed up like this, after the latest fashion?! Hey (обращается к Sports girlfriend 2), I think they need our piece of advice.


Cinderella: My friends and I came here to choose an appropriate dress for the party.


Sports girlfriend 2:oh yeah! Let's recommend something trendy to them. Hey girls, do you know that your clothes fell out of fashion long ago? They are as old as the hills!


Blonde girlfriends: иииуууу…


Sports girlfriend 1:Exactly! Absolutely! So what are we waiting for? Let's go in and help you change out of your clothes immediately. We'll choose something that will fit you like a glove, don't worry!


*В магазине её встречают три продавца в униформе и бейджиках.*


Author: Our shop is enormous and very convenient. You can always choose something to your taste! The choice is so wide we lack words to describe it!


Seller 1:Welcome to our wonderful shop! How can I help you? We have plenty of departments!

Sports girlfriend 2:Oh, don't bother us please! We are here to help our friend to dress up to the nines. If we need your help, we'll turn to you.


Blonde girlfriend 1:So, Cindy, listen to me. We always follow the fashion so you can be sure we’re telling the truth. Pink is always the height of fashion, the hottest colour this season it suits everybody and it matches any other colour.


Blonde girlfriend 2:Forget about your old walking shoes, that blouse and full-length skirt too. They are a bit out-of-date. I’m dead sure that girls like you can’t help trying on these modern, posh clothes!


Cinderella:The colour doesn’t matter, I just want my clothes to fit and suit me.

Sports girlfriend 1:What?? Pink color? You're crazy, where have you come from?! Why don't you keep up with fashion? Pink isn't trendy at all. It’s good for the elderly! And Kirkorov)))).


Sports girlfriend 2:Absolutely. Can’t but agree!

Cinderella:Alright, girls. Thank you for your advice, but I’d like to listen to the shop-assistants, they are professionals.


*все подруги уходят. 3 продавца стоят в разных местах, работают: продавец 1 - платья, продавец 2 - туфли, продавец 3 - сумки. Все стоят, перебирают свою одежду, складывают и т.п*


Cinderella: Hello, can you recommend a dress to me? I'm going to a party.


Seller 1:Oh, yes, sure! Well, we have dozens of dresses, but we have a special offer for you, the cut of this one is so trendy and it’s made of quality fabrics, and if you buy it today you will get this dress at 30% off. Try it on, will you?? I think it will suit you to perfection!!


*все продавцы окутывают Золушку тканью, Золушка надевает платье*


*Золушка подходит к Продавцу 2*


Cinderella: Hello, could you help me choose shoes to go with my dress?


Seller 2:Welcome! Sure, I suggest trying on these marvelous shoes. There’s a special offer today. As you have bought a dress, you get a 50% discount off any pair of shoes you buy. It’s a real bargain I think. And good value in addition.


*Золушка надевает туфли и идёт к Продавцу 3*


Cinderella: Please, help me to select a bag to complete my look with.


Seller 3:Hm, let me see… The dress really suits you! And that cut is in fashion now. The colour of your dress matches the colour of your eyes! I guess this handbag goes with your dress perfectly! By the way, it’s a summer sale so it’s much cheaper now. It’s a real bargain at this price And as a present we’d like to give you this beautiful Dior chain. Will it be cash or visa?


Cinderella: Visa. Oh, I’m gorgeous! Thank you! All princes are mine now!


Author: So, you saw Cinderella has made a complete transformation from a simple girl to the Queen of the ball! And all that was possible thanks to our wonderful shop! Now she’s going to overshadow everybody else at that party! But she’ll be able to do that not only because she’s beautiful, but also because she’s kind, intelligent and her heart is in the right place. She’s not a cold fish. Remember, it’s not the way you look that counts, it is your personality that does.

*Поклон под музыку*





Всем хорошим во мне я обязан книгам.



«Певец российской революции»

«Певец босячества»

«Буревестник революции»

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