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Topic 75 Multiple subjects vs. one subject

Some universities require students to choose a variety of subjects; others only require students to specialize in one subject. I deem the first one as the premier choice. Among countless factors, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.


The main reason that students should take classes in many subjects is that they can make full use of the abundant resources that a university has to offer. A university has plenty of educational and research resources. It is a very good idea to make full use of these valuable assets while studying at the university. The best way to achieve this is to take a variety of subjects as much as possible. Through learning these courses, a student can get access to knowledge and resources in different areas. On the contrary, if a student only specializes in one subject, he will not have a chance to get access to other resources offered by the university.


Another reason is that by choosing many subjects students can broaden their scope of knowledge and make a solid foundation for their future concentrated study. Whatever the student will concentrate on in his senior years in college, it is necessary that he choose a wide range of subjects to build the knowledge foundation. Take the field of Business Management for example, the student has to acquire knowledge in writing, accounting, economics and human resource management before he can successfully start his major concentration study.


The argument I support in the first paragraph is also in a position of advantage because students can be more adaptable in their future career if they choose a variety of subjects during their university study. It is obvious that the development of modern society requires people with inter-disciplinary and comprehensive knowledge. If a student chooses a variety of subjects in his university study, and gained a breath and width of knowledge, he will be more adaptable to the requirement of the society, and be able to easily adjust to many kinds of jobs. This will benefit his future career.


In a word, taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that students should take classes in many subjects at a university.


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