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Fourth Grade Supply List

Students need to bring the following items with them to school:

· Large backpack;

· School box - plastic cigar box size - NO large plastic cases - they don't fit in the desks!

· #2 pencils - please purchase a large package but allow students to bring only a few at a time to school - NO mechanical pencils!

· Two packages of red ballpoint pens - keep 2 in zippered pouch at all time, keep the rest at home!

· Two packages of notebook paper - wide rule only - these will be taken up and kept at school

· Two spiral notebooks with 3 holes to fit inside binder - wide rule only - one subject type with approx. 70 sheets;

· Six packages of white lined index cards - 3 x 5 size - these will be taken up and kept at school;

· One package of thin line markers;

· One package of wide line markers;

· One package of Crayola coloured pencils;

· Scissors with pointed ends;

· One large box of Kleenex - this will be taken up and kept at school;

· One roll paper towel - this will be taken up and kept at school;

· Two yellow highlighters.

Students will be required to purchase the following supplies. These will be in your child's classroom when they arrive:

· Compass;

· Zippered Pencil Case;

· Plastic Dividers for Binder;

· Coloured Folders with Pockets;

· Individual Pencil Sharpener;

· Assignment Notebook;

· Zippered 3-ring Binder.

Please label as many of the items as possible with your child's name in permanent marker, including pens and pencils! This makes it much easier to locate the owner of lost items at the end of the day!

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