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Q: Does Valyndra's Hoarder ability activates on searching Challenge tokens?

A: Yes. Hoarder triggers when a hero performs a search action, and a challenge tokens are revealed by a hero performing a search action. (1)

Vyrah the Falconer

Q: The Skye familiar states that an adjacent monster may be forced to reroll. If a monster occupies the same space as Skye is that still considered adjacent?

A: No (1)

Widow Tarha

Q: What is the interaction of the Blast attack modifier with Widow Tarha's Feat?

A: Widow Tarha's Heroic Feat can make use of Blast, and as such it would affect the two figures chosen for the attack as well as each other figure adjacent to them. (1) (2)


Q: Can Zyla fly over the boulders in Death on the Wing?

A: No, Zyla would not be able to move through spaces containing boulders, as they are not considered figures or terrain. (1)

Q: Does Zyla suffer a fatigue when moving out of a space containing a master spider when she is moving through?

A: Yes (1)


-- Raythen (Labyrinth of Ruin)

Q: Does Raythen's Investigate allow the Treasure Hunter to use Gold Rush if he/she is the closest hero?

A: Yes. (1)



Q: Aura ability. Shadow don't stack, command don't stack…what about aura?

A: Aura is cumulative. Shadow and command are not. (1) (2)


Q: Can monsters with Fly ability move over (through) obstacles?

A: Obstacles are considered terrain for the purposes of movement, so monsters with Fly can indeed ignore them when moving. (1)

Q: Can flying creature has its movement interrupted by skills like Knight's Guard or Thief's Caltrops or Wildlander's Nimble?

A: Yes, a flying figure may be interrupted by certain effects, (Guard, Caltrops, Nimble). (1)

Q: Does flying creature needs 2 movement points to end it's movement on the water? Does flying creature takes 1 damage from lava when it lands on lava?

A: There is no distinction or definition of a flying monster "landing." Since flying has the "ignore" when the figure is moving, and water/pit/lava, effects trigger based upon moving and/or entering spaces, a flying figure would never have to use extra movement points or suffer damage for entering those spaces. (1)

Q: Is flying creature defeated when ending it's activation on lava?

A: Because secondary effects (speaking of pit spaces and lava spaces) trigger based upon other factors that are unrelated to a flying monster's movements, a flying monster that ends its activation in a lava space would be immediately defeated, and a flying monster that ends its activation in a pit must spend an action to climb out (or move out by some other means). (1)


Q: Does the Shadow trait stack when a melee unit is adjacent to multiple Shadow units?

A: 2 shadow abilities do not stack. A hero adjacent to 2 shadow dragons only needs to spend 1 surge to hit. (1) (2)

Q: The Shadow ability on the Shadow Dragon specifically states that "a hero adjacent..." needs to expend a surge to have a successful attack.

So if a Summoned Stone (treated as an obstacle, not treated as a figure) attacks an adjacent Shadow Dragon via Terracall, does it need a surge to get past Shadow?

What about a hero attacking through the stone via something like Molten Fury?

(And I suppose just to cover all the bases, does a Reanimate count as "a hero" for this purpose as well?")

A: Since a Summoned Stone is treated as an obstacle and not a hero or monster figure, no abilities applying to heroes or monsters may be used. Thus, it wouldn't be affected by Shadow. However, any ability that allows you to attack through a Summoned Stone, if it's adjacent to a Shadow Dragon, is subject to the Shadow ability (since the hero is the one performing the attack).


The Reanimate is treated as a hero figure, so it would be subject to Shadow.


Q: [Must/May] one of the Kobolds that comes into play after the "Split" ability be placed in the space where the Master Kobold was standing when he died and triggered the Split?

A: The card does use the word "replace" in its text for Split, which is a simultaneous remove and place that utilizes the same space from which it was removed. 1 kobold minion would have to be placed in the space that the master occupied before defeated, and the other would be placed in the closest empty space. (1)

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